Potenza RE-71R

Designed For Faster Lap Times And Track Performance

  • ​Semi-slick ultra-high performance
  • Best street and track performance
  • Superb handling and traction
  • Excellent braking performance

Tuned for maximum handling on the track and engineered to deliver faster lap times, POTENZA RE-71R semi-slick tyre is designed to fit performance cars which are popular among enthusiast drivers. POTENZA RE-71R tyre from Bridgestone features a newly developed tread compound that increases contact with the road surface, giving car enthusiasts more grip when cornering and braking.

Dry Performance
Tread Life
Wet Performance
Quiet Ride
Ride Comfort
Fuel Efficiency

Wide Centre Rib
The tread pattern of the tyre is engineered with a wide centre rib that makes the Potenza RE-71R tyre highly responsive in extreme driving performance circumstances.

Maximum Shoulder Stiffness
The unique design of the Potenza RE-71R tyre features maximum shoulder stiffness and provides constant rubber-to-road contact during extreme cornering.

Wide Circumferential Grooves & Angled-Directional Pattern Enhanced Wet Traction
Wide circumferential grooves and an angled-directional pattern provide effective drainage in wet conditions. This enhances the wet traction of the Potenza RE-71R, making it dependable for everyday’s performance on the street.

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