Potenza S007A

High-Performance Tyre Calibrated To Deliver Maximum Control And Response

  • ​Stable cornering control on both wet and dry road conditions.
  • Increased sensitivity due to a high level of grip performance.
  • Improved initial response - instantaneous reaction according to driver intention.

Incorporating technologies such as 3D-M Shaped Sipes and the Kevlar Flipper & Hybrid Spiral, every detail of this high-performance tyre has been calibrated to deliver maximum control and response, on both dry and wet roads. Beyond an exhilarating drive, the POTENZA S007A will also go the extra mile with enhanced durability. Now that is the true anatomy of performance.

Dry Performance
Tread Life
Wet Performance
Ride Comfort
Quiet Ride
Fuel Efficiency

Kevlar Flipper & Hybrid Spiral
A high-stiffness material is inserted into the tyre to reinforce the tyre interior and prevent excessive movements. This increases tyre sensitivity and grip, especially during high-speed driving.

Optimised Structure
The combination of Multi-Round Block and Optimised Crown Shape ensures higher contact pressure for better grip during braking on wet roads, as well as uniform contact pressure to prolong tyre life.

By rounding each block, tyre deformation is prevented. This results in a flatter contact area while braking, which shortens the braking distance.

3D-M Shaped Sipes
Each sipe is shaped into a 3-dimensional letter “M”, which reinforces block stiffness and prevents unnecessary block movements when the tyre is in motion. This prolongs tyre life and provides additional control on the road.

Smooth Rib
The centre rib is stiffened to improve the stability of the tyre and achieve an instantaneous response.

Low Angle Sipes
Sipes are positioned at low angles for enhanced control, especially during cornering.

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