Turanza GR-100

Luxury Comfort And Quietness

  • Reduced road noise
  • Maximum comfort

‚ÄčNever before has a Bridgestone tyre been quieter, more comfortable and luxurious. We welcome you aboard and experience the superior comfort available with TURANZA GR-100.

Quiet Ride
Ride Comfort
Dry Performance
Tread Life
Wet Performance
Fuel Efficiency

Asmymetrical Tyre Pattern & Enlarged Size Block
Asmymetrical interior tyre pattern design for better dispersion of water in wet road condtion. Exterior design make use of an enlarged size block which improves stablity for comfortable driving on the highway. Asymmetrical sidewalls design surpresses the lateral forces caused by uneven or undulating roads.

Silent AC Block
Silent AC Block features a rounded 3D design that optimises contact with the road to minimise noise production.

3D Helmholtz
3D Helmholtz Resonator create natural vacuum that pulls air from the tyre grooves to minimise the production of noise.

3D Diamond Pattern
3D Diamond Pattern dampens the vibration by preventing it from passing through the tyre which minmises noise production, thus acheiving superior quietness.

Advanced Silica Compound
GR-100 uses an advanced silica compound designed to deliver excellent performance on wet and dry roads, while reducing rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency. The square shoulder design on GR-100 ensures flatter contact surface to minimise irregular wear for complete confidence on the road.

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