Turanza T001 RFT

Touring Comfort

  • Original equipment for BMW X1 and Mini Cooper F60
  • Reduced road noise
  • Touring comfort

The Turanza T001 run-flat technology tyre was developed with luxury touring in mind and is original equipment on cars including BMW X1 and Mini Cooper F60. The tyre combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology to deliver superior performance and ride comfort.

Ride Comfort
Dry Performance
Fuel Efficiency
Quite Ride
Tread Life
Wet Performance

Noise Reduction Grooves
Closed-ended side branches in the tread groove create tiny “Helmholtz” silencers that capture and absorb noise.

Nano Pro-Tech™ Tread Compound
Molecularly optimised tyre materials realise unparalleled performance on wet roads and high efficiency for lower rolling resistance.

Flat Contact Patch Tyre Profile
Unlike conventional rounded tyre profiles, the Flat Contact Patch (FCP) provides a better contact area where the tread meets the road. This design prevents unwanted tyre deformations and helps to minimise shoulder wear for longer tyre life.

High-Angle Blocks
Placing slanted grooves at 60 degrees in the lugs help to prevent tyre deformation. By maintaining a stable contact patch where the tyre meets the road, this advanced tread design delivers better braking.

Run-Flat Technology (RFT)
tyres are engineered with strong self-supporting sidewalls to continue carrying the weight of the vehicle after complete pressure loss*. Drive up to 80 km at up to 80km/h miles after a puncture to reach a safe place to stop with RFT tyres.

*Reparability of run flat tyre depends on the tyre damage, amount of pressure loss, and vehicle operating conditions.

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